Visitation Services

CanCare’s Visitation Services aim to provide personalized care to cancer patients and their carers of the Chinese community.

Visitation Services are free services delivered by a team of trained volunteers of CanCare. CanCare has very strict selection criteria and procedures when recruiting its volunteers. All selected volunteers have to continuously undergo training and attend refresher courses to enhance their skills. We strive to provide quality services to our clients at all times.

Upon receipt of a “Referral” asking for service provision, our Liaison Coordinator will contact the patient and/or the carer to understand their needs as well as to work out a feasible visitation plan.

Under normal circumstances, each visit is conducted by two volunteers working together as a team. Depending on the client’s situation, visits can be conducted either over the phone or face-to-face at the client’s home, in the hospital or at some other places preferred by the client. Detailed arrangements of the visit including meeting time, frequency and duration are discussed and agreed upon by the client, the carer and CanCare volunteers.

All our volunteers conducting visitation can communicate with our clients and their carers in both Cantonese and Mandarin. For enquiries and/or referrals, please feel free to contact Ms Lorna Ng, our Liaison Coordinator, on 0402 409 802.

Please click the following hyperlink to obtain the application form for Referral: