Support Groups

CanCare Support Groups are set up at different locations across Sydney. They provide an opportunity for our clients and their carers to interact with other group members who are experiencing similar health issues. We intend to create a comfortable environment for group members to freely express themselves that may help them strengthen their will to overcome whatever hardship encountered along the road battling against cancer.

Support Group activities are free services with refreshments. CanCare welcome all Chinese cancer patients and their families to join these activities that are tailor-made to cater their needs. Medical and health talks on topics relating to cancer, nutrition, latest cancer treatment news and other issues covering well-being of cancer patients are often conducted.

Through these Support Group activities, we hope we can help participants build up a sense of companionship and adopt a positive approach to deal with all sorts of challenges with faith and confidence.

Cancer patients and their carers who are interested in joining our Support Groups can click the hyperlink of the respective group location listed below. Information covering latest events, meeting time, locations and registration arrangements are detailed therein.